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Camlin's Classy Crystals

Intuitive Tarot Readings🔮 (please read description)

Intuitive Tarot Readings🔮 (please read description)

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Hello, My name is Camlin and I have been reading Tarot for 3 years now. I’ve done readings for others many many times and have only heard back great reviews. I can do many types of readings if you have a specific question I ask that you add it to the order note :) 

To Receive Your Reading: 

Leave your preferred method of communication and user name in the order note (ex. Instagram @camlins_classy_crystals) I will only contact you through Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat whichever works best for you. 

What Does Each Reading Consist Of?

Each reading is either a ‘pull’ or a ‘spread’. A spread gives more in depth detail and a pull will touch the surface of things you need to see without taking up to much time. You can choose a spread or pull on any of the options listed.

Reading Options

  • Love Reading - what’s going on in your love life and how can you improve it?
  • Message - what are your spirit guides trying to tell you?
  • Question Reading - you choose the questions we ask your spirit guides.
  • Overcoming Fear or Struggle - Find out where to start to begin living free with no restrictions or worries.
  • Deep Shadow Self Reading - What steps to take to begin the healing of your inner child/shadow self?
  • One on One Session - Consisting on multiple spreads, this session is to provide you with all of the spiritual knowledge you need to take the next steps into your journey.

If you have any specific reading requests I will do my absolute best to accommodate :) 


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